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Hike to exquisite landscapes and formations unique to the Land of Enchantment that will bring you a sense of wonderment, relaxation, and inner peace. While basking in the beauty of your chosen destination you'll be guided through a meditation to connect you to the stillness of the land and allow yourself to look within to capture the present moment.

As an added bonus your instructor will assist each person through her exclusively developed Mindful Massage experience with a short, targeted massage focused on specific problem areas. The collective experience benefits both the health of your body and your mind.

Wifi may not exist in nature • But you'll find a better connection

Improve your mind

Meditation can improve depression, reduce stress, anxiety (including job related anxiety) and negative thoughts. It can also improve stress reactivity, coping skills and may build your ability to redirect and maintain attention and improve focus.


Better sleep

Meditation techniques may improve your relaxation response, increase melatonin (the sleep hormone) and activate parts of the brain that control sleep. It also improves control of the autonomic nervous system, which reduces how easily you're awakened.


Greater self awareness

Meditation increases the ability to perceive the self in a more healthy, present-moment, body-centered way. This makes it possible for the practitioner to enter a healthy, self-perception state of mind and can reduce feelings of loneliness.


Meet your instructor

Amber has been an avid practitioner of Meditation since she first discovered it in 2017. In her 15+ years of practicing Massage Therapy she always knew the importance of the breath and it's healing qualities, but tapping into meditation has expanded that conviction ten fold.  

She began offering meditation add-on's to her massages in 2018 and now, having been certified as a Meditation Teacher by CoE, has expanded to offering it along with the natural beauty provided by the Land of Enchantment. Branching out her current business, Massage by Amber, to include Destination Meditation classes where the desired destination is not just a place, but a new way of seeing things. 

Available classes

We offer multiple destinations to choose from to fit your needs.

Difficulty Level Rating:

⭐ Easy Hike: Less than 1 mile, little to no elevation changes

⭐⭐ Moderately Easy Hike: Approximately 1 mile, slight elevation changes

⭐⭐⭐ Moderate Hike: Between 1-2 miles, slight elevation changes

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Moderately Difficult Hike: Between 2-4 miles, elevation changes present, must be able to climb

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Difficult Hike: Over 4 miles, elevation changes present, must have stamina for longer hike time 

Becalm on the Bisti

The Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness named amongst the "Best Trips 2019" by National Geographic, offers some of the most unusual scenery in the Four Corners area. Time and natural elements have etched out a fantasy world of Hoodoos and petrified wood. Translated from the Navajo Language, Bisti (Bis-tie) means "a large area of shale hills" Approximately 4 hours.

⭐⭐⭐: Difficulty Level Rating

Analyzation at Angel Peak

The nearly 7,000 foot Angel Peak, a landmark composed of river deposited sandstone from the San Jose Formation, is visible for miles in any direction. However, the banded colors of the badlands and the deep sculpted fingers of the canyon at the base of Angel Peak are only fully revealed for those who make the short journey along the rim. A short nature trail winds among the plants that have found a niche along the desolate rim and leads to an overlook of the canyon. Approximately 3 hours.

⭐ : Difficulty Level Rating

Observation at Octopus Arch

This arch spans 29 feet and is 12 feet high. The top of the span looks very much like the head of an octopus distinguishing it's name. Octopus was formed by a pothole near a cliff edge that grew deeper and deeper until it wore through the cliff wall. *Note* Please do not climb on this fragile arch. Approximately 2.5 hours.

⭐⭐⭐ : Difficulty Level Rating

Reflection on the Rocks

I happened across this spectacular view during an arch hunting expedition with my family and I was so overwhelmed by the stunning scenery that I didn't pay attention to where I was stepping and ended up twisting my ankle (True Story!) Stumbling upon this scene was utterly worth every painful step back to the car that day. Approximately 3 hours.

⭐⭐ : Difficulty Level Rating

Contemplation at Cox Canyon Arch

Cox Canyon Arch is one of the most striking arches in the Aztec area. Among natural arches, it is unusual with both ends rising from a horizontal plane, and with a perfect arch-shaped opening (similar to Delicate Arch in Moab, UT.) Cox Canyon Arch has a span of 42 feet and a height of 35 feet. The finding of Indian artifacts near the arch has moved local people to name it Anasazi Arch. Approximately 3 hours.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ : Difficulty Level Rating

Let It Go at Lybrook Badlands 

These picturesque rocks are mostly white or pale grey, with soft layers from the Naciemento formation, mixed with some narrower, darker strata of harder sandstone which form the caprock for many of the hoodoos and ridges. The massive size of these hoodoos are impressive and offer a perfect backdrop for meditation sessions. Approximately 4 hours.

⭐⭐⭐ : Difficulty Level Rating

People love our classes

Our clients experience life changing moments and that's why we're here

''I love your class, my body and mind is finally at peace. Thank you.''

  Angela Fountain • Durango

''Amber's class was absolutely fantastic!! Not only did I get a chance to hike and be outdoors, but I was able to unwind, relax my body, and free my mind from the busy thoughts of the workweek. Destination Meditation was also a great class for beginners! This was my first time learning how to meditate and I actually felt myself slip away into the peaceful quietude of the desert landscape without distraction. Highly recommend especially during these trying times!''

  Elizabeth Dufva • Durango

''Started only this week and I feel my body relaxing and feeling better.''

  Amelia Jackson  • Durango 

''Nice to take the time to just stop and pause. Highly recommend! 5 ⭐ stars! ''

 Cedar Sorrell• Pagosa Springs

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Frequently asked questions...

What if I don't have any experience?

No experience is needed. Your instructor started off as a beginner too. No one starts off being excellent and any expectations should be left behind.  

What should I wear to class?

It's best to wear loose clothing appropriate for the hiking weather you're likely to experience so that you'll be comfortable.  Avoid anything restricting, especially around your chest or abdomen so to not hinder your deep breaths in and out.

What if I can't learn meditation?

It's best to go into a meditation practice with no expectations.  There is no wrong way to meditate and it is especially important to be kind and non-judgmental to yourself during this process.  We are not trying to achieve or become anything, we are simply becoming aware of things as they are.   

Do I need special skills?

No special skills are needed or required.  If you can breathe then you can meditate!  

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